thout any force.

The harder they struggle and the tighter the barbed wire is, the more damage the blade will damage them.

The assault rifle was roaring, and a round of twelve and five caliber bullets roared out, blasting huge holes in the evil wolves.

A round of old-fashioned cannonballs fell, exploding these evil wolves and the wolf cavalry on their backs to pieces.

The explosive power of the old-fashioned artillery 西安夜生活第一论坛网 shells did not have much to do with these flexible snake-bellied barbed wire fences. The bodies of the evil wolves were blown up, and the barbed wire fences returned to their original positions after only a few shakes.

The cannonball exploded, the grenade exploded, and the bullets whizzed…As

time passed, the evil wolves and wolf cavalry charged frantically for nearly half an hour. While the emperor had retained most of 西安耍耍网 its firepower, They lost their troops, killed two to thirty thousand wolf cavalry and several times the number of evil wolves, but they still couldn’t get close to the first trench of the emperor’s army.

The totem banner of the highland tribe in the rear was waving wildly, and the sharp horns and wolf howling became more stern.

Dozens of wolf cavalry who have reached Tier 4 and above screamed 西安夜生活网 loudly. They abandoned their wolves, waved their weapons, and continuously exploded forward with dazzling sword lights and sword lights, and jumped bravely. The three-layer steel wire iron pile defense line rushed to the snake-bellied barbed wire that stretched hundreds of feet.

They leaped into the air, trying to rely on their personal strength to jump over this troublesome barbed wire fence and rush into the trench to 西安夜网论坛 let go.

Behind the trench, thirty-six high-speed guns roared simultaneously.

Thirty-six dazzling chains of fire swept out, hitting the commander, who rose into the air and couldn’t dodge in midair.

Clouds of blood mist exploded in the air, and dozens of swords fell from the air in a whirl.

Chapter 374 Dead Wolves (3)

Behind the highlander w