ap beast and the star ink, do I need any other materials?”

I shook my head and stretched out my hand to quickly draw a light blue picture. The magic pattern array, as the spell in my mouth was chanted, countless water elements gathered from all around my body to form a large transparent water ball. Under the flexible control of my fingers, the water ball was finally formed into a piece of water. Light blue test bench for elemental composition.

Finally, I gently spit out: “Ningbing!” 西安夜网论坛

A test bed appeared in front of me, and then I quickly took out a blank magic parchment from the magic waist bag, unfolded it on the stage, and then started from it. I turned out half a bottle of star ink, took the magic engraving pen and dipped it twice in the magic ink, and started drawing on the magic parchment.

After a while, a magical scroll of directional teleportation 新西安夜网 appeared in front of me. I did not tie this magic parchment into a scroll with a horse-leaf leaf as before, but kept the scroll unfolded. Let the magic lines on the scroll slowly volatilize mana.

Magician who has quickly came from behind a long table, picked up my magic scrolls drawn out, looked at it and said: “the transfer roll?”

I nodded and said:. “Yes,”

the magician will hand The directional teleportation scroll was brought back. The magic scroll was passed back and forth in the hands of the magicians, and finally passed to the old magician sitting in the middle of the long table. He only heard him say: “The magic lines are drawn well, since they can draw The teleport scroll of the space system, it seems that you really have a certain understanding of space magic, then I declare that your written test answer 西安耍耍网 sheet has partially passed.”

He stretched out his finger and tapped lightly on the test bench in front of me. The ice test bench melted into fine ice powder and disappeared around my body.

The magician next to him took out the fish-skin hood from the magic box, and then said with a smile: “Let me see what amazing performances