the kingdom of the dreamer Adam, Klein died strangely.

Adam, wearing a simple white robe, looked at this scene, gentle and calm, I don’t know if it was predicted or eliminated. their own emotions.

above the fog, an ancient palace

that crazy worms whirlpool instantly lost movement, in turn broken down into a spirit of a dead insect.


the next second, the spirit of the insect becomes illusory, infected They became gray and white, as if they were in the fog of history.

Then, they came back to life, shimmering with a faint light, while squirming together. In a

few seconds, the spirit insects reorganized into a single figure. It was Klein Moretti

with black hair and brown eyes and a formal shirt. With the return of the source castle owner, the destroyed mottled long table and twenty-two high-back chairs quickly recovered, and the floor was spilled. The sundries piled together again.

Klein picked up the star studded with various gems. The rod sat in the position of the fool.

The entire space above the gray

mist shook, and a majestic and mighty invisible power rushed out . Klein immediately spotted the golden figure 西安耍耍网occupying Bernadette’s prayer spot. Nodded and said:

I will fulfill my promise.

rushed out lamp god smiled One said:

It seems that you have not inherited his cunning and shamelessness, very good. As

soon as the voice fell, the vague and twisted golden figure quickly receded, no longer projected on Bernadette’s prayer light.

Good job. Klein divided. A spirit worm responded to Queen Mystic’s prayer, lowered his head 新西安夜网 and made a wish to myself, I hope I can return to the state before tonight. When

his body died, he took away only the core part of Miracle Master Extraordinary The characteristics, the rest are isolated by Adam’s Bone Church, and cannot be recovered.

Of course, Klein still has a large part of the characteristics in these spirit insects above the gray fog, and on the 西安桑拿网 secret puppets currently remaining in the utopia-Chara The map does not require addit