just about to ask if the boss was too excited because of the game, Mosona suddenly He buried himself and picked up the cigar while wiping his face. It was

a good game! Add money to the final winner! Mosona flicked the cigar, pulled the collar, and smiled at the corner 西安耍耍网 of his mouth. arc.

he did not say specifically how much money plus, because Klein did not understand the market, we can only vague explanation.

Yes, the new Rune party Mosuo Na has become his puppet!

because the gang gangster It’s just an ordinary person, the strength of the spiritual body is even weaker than that of a healthy human, so he only took two minutes and fifteen seconds!

If it takes a little longer, he will be distracted and use illusions to create chaos, so that the bodyguards can only take care of Go to protect Mossona before discovering his anomaly.

Kill him!

Kill him!

The shouts of the audience are suddenly neat, and the contest on the ring is coming to an end. Mossona also signaled the bodyguards to continue watching the game.

Waiting for a boxer. Falling into 西安夜网论坛 a coma, Mossona took a cigar and said:

Go to the room.

I want to take a break.

Yes, the boss (the boss). His bodyguards and his men immediately crowded him into the corridor on the second floor and helped him open the door of the lounge.

Ordered the guards to guard all key positions and do not enter After disturbing himself, Mosona took a few steps back and forth, opened the safe, found a document involving a new type of drug, and screened out the most important ones.

Then, he cut the documents and the newspapers. The address slip below, together with all 758 pounds in cash, was put into a briefcase. With a

squeak, he opened the door and called a man:

Throw this bag under the third street lamp in Corner Alley.

Yes, Boss. His men did not ask why.

This is the rule! 西安夜生活网

Close the door again, Mossona turned to find three candles and spiritual objects, and carefully painted the badge corresponding to the fool with a white paper pen-half