er happily and began to practice the spell over and over again, and smiled.

His special teaching this time was also out of some compensatory psychology.After 西安夜生活网

all, in the past two days, Ivan used the name of the wolf poison potion effect to analyze Walker’s body in two different states of werewolf and wizard. structure.

It has greatly increased the proficiency of the Transformation Curse, not to mention, it has also become more and more certain that the werewolf form is a special Animagus.

Because just like when he used magic power to analyze the spots, Walker’s brain 西安桑拿网 in the werewolf state also has magical protection.

The only difference between the two is that Walker’s body is also full of magic, as if his whole body is activated by magic, and all functions have been improved a lot.

This reminded Ivan of the fast-running brindle cat in the forbidden forest… guessing whether Professor McGonagall can achieve a similar increase in the form of Animagus.

However, Ivan thought that he hadn’t even learned Animagus now, and it didn’t make sense to think about it for the time being.Considering that

today seemed to be the day that I had agreed with Doug to go to the Ministry of Magic, Ivan turned to Walker. , Said.

“I will teach you here for the time being. In the past few days, you will practice it yourself. When I have time, I will teach you the release skills of 新西安夜网 the Iron Armor Curse and the Splitting Curse.

When you can freely control the power of the spell, you can start learning. The thunderbolt exploded the spell.”

“Are you really willing to teach me such a powerful spell?” Walker, who was practicing the spell, said in disbelief.

Although Ivan had promised this before, he thought it was a shirk.

“Of course, if you can meet my requirements.” Ivan nodded indifferently. 西安耍耍网

In fact, the curse of a thunderbolt explosion is not that rare. In the original time and space, Hermione and Harry had released this curse when they were in seventh grade, and the power was normal.

Not to menti