agine that there is actually a thunderbird feather in front of me. This rare treasure will be placed in front of me so casually. I heard the old Kuru say that not all the feathers on thunderbirds are With such a powerful thunder and lightning power, from the young bird stage to a large bird with wings 西安耍耍网 up to ten meters wide, only three such feathers will be possessed in this life. It is rumored that the thunderbird’s talented lightning power is hidden in these three feathers. Among.

In the ancient orc clan books, it is recorded that the beasts once had three powerful sacred beasts. The first one is the ancient war beast that rivals the dragons, Bemun, and the second one 西安夜网论坛 is known as the beast. The Cyclops of the Guardian, the third is the Thunderbird with the power of thunder and lightning.

Bimon has always been a legendary beast, and in the oldest records of the orcs, it is only a conceptual description of Bimon’s strength and rough appearance. As for the Cyclops, there is a sheepskin scroll saying that there is a Cyclops sleeping on the back mountain in the Snow Mountain. He is the last protector of the Orcs. However, these are all rumors. As for Thunderbirds, it is true. Many powerful orc shamans have spent their entire lives looking for a thunderbird with lightning power.

Speaking of, why Thunderbird is so important to the Orcs.

The magicians in the orcs have another name shaman. If the shaman who controls the power of the elements cannot comprehend the power of thunder. 西安夜生活第一论坛网 Can never break through the second round. For thunderbirds who are born with the power of thunder and lightning, they know the true meaning of the power of thunder when they are born, and it is said that the thunder power of thunderbirds is hidden in the three feathers on its body. In addition, Thunderbird’s feathers are extremely rare and advanced magic materials.

“It is 西安夜生活网 said that a staff made with thunderbird feathers. It is born with the ability to take off the thunder.” Miss Kuyeluman pulled me away from the copper pl