this scene shook her head and quietly exited this box. In fact, this Vantas Embroidered pillows, but it also has the advantage of

being easy to control, but this character is really “but, the voice of the woman who screamed just now.” Miss San frowned at this time, and subconsciously screamed towards the woman. Come to the room and walk.

The atmosphere in the 新西安夜网 room was uncomfortably cold.

The principal of the auction is now urgently communicating with the holder of the witch’s secret medicine, the witch Maria!

“I’m serious! 50 million secret crystals, you must compensate me! Otherwise, I will be in your boss’s ass Behind it is planted with sunflower seeds! Believe me, I will make him a walking sunflower. Not only your boss, but also you! Your auction 西安桑拿网 house and the whole family are all! Do you know who I am? !” The

angry witch elder unmarried lady stomped on the table with one foot, clutching the collar of the steward in both hands, and lifted up most of the old steward, revealing the wicked face!

“I know who you are, Maria Miss! You are the shattered witch Maria. You are a witch who overcame the evil dragon poaching group by yourself. Who has never heard 西安夜生活论坛 of your name in the black market? Please let me go, I am so old and can’t stand it The torment of sunflower seeds.” The gray-haired steward couldn’t help begging for mercy at this moment.

Maria directly pushed the person away and hugged her chest and said: “I don’t care, you must compensate for my loss! Otherwise, I will use sunflower seeds to plant all your butts!” The

steward wiped the cold 西安夜生活第一论坛网 sweat nervously, and said, ” Miss Maria, you can’t blame us for this. Why did we think of such a valuable thing and just let a mallet break it? You said that our auctioneer was just an ordinary guy, and he was not the legendary hero Cullo. A power hero like Loya”

“What do you mean? I want to wrestle with this lady, right?” Maria suddenly snorted: “According to what you mean, is it possible that what I gave you is a lie?西安夜生活网 Don’t forget, when I