, and on his decayed body, two overlapping faces 西安夜生活第一论坛网 split at the corners of his mouth at the same time, and the grinning laughter echoed in this wide space. Inside…

just smiling and laughing, Voldemort couldn’t laugh, because he found that there was no despair or loss on the face of Ivan opposite…

“Harry, don’t pretend to be dead, give I get up to muddle his face!” Ivan yelled at Harry, who was lying down not far from Voldemort, closing his eyes, like a corpse.

In the previous stalemate, when Ivan’s magic power was about to be exhausted, he was keenly aware that Harry’s body seemed to have moved, so he decisively changed his thoughts of competing with Voldemort for the consumption of magic power.

Because Ivan knew very well that the black mist might kill him, but it would never kill Harry!

In Voldemort’s incredulous gaze, Harry Bo, who should have died in his cognition, was already dead. He jumped up from the ground extremely suddenly, and leaped towards him!

In fact, Harry didn’t lie on the ground and pretended to be dead as Ivan thought, but he couldn’t move his whole body before.

After inhaling a large amount of black mist, Harry thought he was dead, and his consciousness fell into a short coma, but there seemed to be some power in 西安夜生活论坛 his body to protect him and resist the black mist.

It wasn’t until Voldemort recovered all the black mist and concentrated on dealing with Ivan that the power to protect him gradually restored him to a certain level of consciousness and mobility, but his body was still somewhat paralyzed, and he didn’t even open his eyes much. open.

But Harry knew very well in his heart that the battle had reached the most critical time, so he didn’t care about his physical weakness, forcibly got up and put his hands on Voldemort’s strange snake face according to Ivan’s orders!

The withered snake face touched it. It was like a piece of rag, with some slippery yellow liquid on it…The

sizzling noise spread from the place where Harry’s palm touched, and Voldemort l