lin was silent at this moment.

The man in the dress shook his head and

said, “I suddenly want to eat ice cream.” As he said, the man in the dress reached out and grabbed the door of a convenience store in front of the town square. The door of a convenience store in front of the 西安桑拿网 town square opened instantly, and three ice creams flew out of the refrigerator. .

He tore off the package, threw one to the black cat, and ate one by himself, and then stretched the third one to Teacher Pulin, and asked with a smile: 新西安夜网 “Are you eating?”

######### ##


1650. Chapter 376 Now

Faced with the invitation from the man in the formal dress, Mr. Purin shook his head, “No thanks, I’m afraid of tooth decay.”

“Children 西安耍耍网 are afraid of eating too much .” If you eat sweets, you will get tooth decay.” The man in the dress smiled, and immediately said: “You are wondering, who

am I ?” “I am indeed curious.” Teacher Pulin nodded.

The man in the dress shook his head and said: “But I have lost the interest in telling you because similar things have happened too many times, and all your reactions are dull to me. So this time, you still continue to carry Doubt, of course, you can call me joe.”

“Joe?” Teacher Pulin was startled, as if thinking of something, subconsciously said: “Mr. Smith’s missing son, also called joe.” The

man in the dress… but suddenly joe Looking up at the sky, he said calmly: “About ten seconds later, there will be a group of guests coming, no, it’s just one guest.”

“??” Teacher Pulin 西安夜生活论坛 showed a puzzled look.

But at this time, Joe and Black Cat were eating ice cream for themselves. Ten seconds passed quickly.

“What is that!” Melada exclaimed.

Under the night sky, I saw a huge machine glowing 新西安夜网 with metal luster. Under the action of the propeller, it flew in a sci-fi scene that looked like a movie, making Teacher Pulin move his lips slightly. Well, he knew that there were more strange things in this world, and he didn’t care about them.

“These are the hidden powers of the Black Order.”