lties, otherwise the seven righteous gods will be full of the world. I have solved various problems, so I have to keep a low profile in the Southern Continent, be honest, try not to pin my hopes on the outside, Klein reminded myself a few words, and turned to examine the new Secret Puppet, the Hell Admiral Ludwell.

Frankly speaking, he has always been quite curious about the face covered under the silver-white mask, but he can think of the abnormal changes caused by Ludwell’s mask removal during the last battle, and he held back his mind and prepared to leave the city and enter the jungle. After going to other no man’s land, try again.

After a lot of busyness, Klein initially figured out the sequence and abilities of the new Secret

Puppet . Ludwell is the Gatekeeper of Sequence 5 of the Death Path, and is not a normal human.

Corresponding 西安桑拿网 sequence 9 is the corpse collector. Klein knew the specific situation when he was in Tingen, knowing that they will have certain corpse characteristics, the whole person looks quite gloomy, and the body temperature is low, so as to avoid being attacked by unwise undead. At the same time, they have 新西安夜网also gained physical fitness, can withstand the erosion of decay, cold, and death, naturally have spiritual vision, and understand the characteristics and weaknesses of many undead creatures.

Sequence 8 is a gravedigger, who has been promoted to this level. The body of the corpse is stronger, the spiritual vision is more powerful, and the skill is more agile. It can initially communicate with a small number of’spirits’ nearby and let them provide help. In addition to these, the gravedigger even faces unfamiliar undead and spirit creatures. At time, you can quickly find out their weaknesses through observation. This is called 西安夜生活网 the eye of death.

Sequence 7 psychics belong to the qualitative transformation stage, and the Beyonder will master various occult rituals related to the spirit, which can directly relate to the real world. The natural spirit communicates wit西安夜网论坛