s a puppy next to him, and the top corner is outlined with a bright star:

Sequence 0: Fool!

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Chapter 111 The Magical Mushroom

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Sequence 0: Fool! After

distinguishing the text on the tarot card, Klein has it again Hearing what

Zaratul felt when he said his name. At this moment, he felt a strong sense of destiny. He felt that everything had been arranged from the very beginning, just like 0-08 did.

He began to doubt the original judgment, thinking The female animal trainer who asked herself to do tarot divination in the traveling circus in Tingen City was not an ordinary person. When his

thoughts turned, Klein cut in from another angle, with new ideas, and gradually no longer so scared, afraid and frustrated. :

Maybe it’s not arranged, but the change that I brought.

Because of the ritual that led to the crossing, I was connected to the mysterious space above the gray mist, and my 西安夜生活论坛 destiny was naturally affected. More accurately, as a visitor from another world, I did not have a’destiny’ here. The trajectory of is created by its own character, the encounter of the original owner, the influence of the gray fog, and the surrounding environment. The

mysterious space above the gray fog is obviously strongly related to the divination path, and the sequence 0 of this path is called the’Fool ‘, the reality is that if I fortune telling the current situation, I will inevitably turn out the’Fool’ card!

Similarly, this also led me to use the’Fool’ as the title in the future.

Klein’s mood was a little calm, thinking this is the most rewarding Probable cause.

Using a razor to remove all the factors that are currently unknown, and still being able to get a reasonable explanation, it means that 西安桑拿网 the probability is not small Klein forced himself to pause thinking about the problem that he cannot get a defi