st looked at Bud and made Bud’s face stunned. She didn’t dare to take a step further in. She looked at me hesitantly, but didn’t insist on going in, so I was right. He said, “I’ll go in and have a look. You wait for my news.”

“Okay, Sir Jija Mage.” Bud said to me respectfully, and then stood on the bench in the corridor outside the laboratory. .

I stepped in and 西安桑拿网 Takama stood behind me, swiftly closing the wooden door of the laboratory.

Qige’s laboratory is not unfamiliar to me. For a while, I was also a frequent visitor here. I completed the trial production and debugging of three crazy potions with her. I found out that Qige She actually fell into a state of devotion to work. There were two shelves of magic herbs around her body, and the shelves were filled with magic herbs.

There are a total of seven magic cauldrons next to the test bench making magic potions at the same time. Qige’s beautiful face is covered with a white veil, and her long skirt flutters like a flying butterfly. Between the test benches, crucibles, magic herbs racks, I put my heart and soul into work. On the test benches, the racks with test tubes for medicines look like a hill. Half of the test tubes 西安夜生活论坛 are filled with medicines and stuffed with cork. Stuffed.

Those are some very simple first-level magic potions, but they seem to be quite large in number.

When I walked into the laboratory, Qige didn’t even lift his head, and directly greeted me: “Quickly help me put out the fire in the No. 3 crucible. The potion is cooked, be careful, and help me pour it in. Those empty primary potion bottles.”

I hurriedly picked up the crucible without saying a word, and poured the viscous liquid medicine into those test-tube-sized primary potion bottles.

At this time, Qige, in her busy schedule, lifted the messy hair on her forehead, smiled sweetly at me, and said to me: “You also know that I’m so busy that I’m almost dying! Can you come? Help me, I am very happy!”

I was a little embarrassed and said embarrassedly: “Sorry, knowi