thought for a while and said: “Sometimes there are too few participants, and Mr. Valli will let us off.”

Luo Qiu thought at this time. Thinking: “I heard that Mr. Keao outside has been locked into the chessboard because of the loss. Is this true? The losing master will be locked into the chessboard.

” He should just have bad luck and draw this punishment.” Tina shook her head and said: “In fact, there are very light or no punishment options for punishment on the roulette wheel.”

“But very heavy punishments are indeed. Exist, right.” Boss Luo thought for a while and said: “Since there is a heavy punishment, it means that there will be a serious 西安夜生活论坛 punishment. Then, as a game participant, as you who have participated in the game several times Say, won’t it hurt.”

“There is nothing to be afraid of.” Tina said indifferently: “Because we participate, most of them are as masters and will not go off in person.”

“The master does not need to go off 西安耍耍网 the court, it can avoid a lot of dangers, but turns the wheel. The person is also the master.” Boss Luo reminded.

Tina suddenly knew what the other party really wanted to say.

Instead, she stabilized at this time, and said lightly: “You don’t have to worry about this, because every time it is about to end, Mr. Vali will team up with us as a single follower. It is difficult to defeat the gatekeeper. As for We form a team and win together. Naturally, no one needs to spin the roulette because of losing.”

“Who is the one who generally loses?”

“Naturally is Mr. Vali’s opponent.”

“For example, like me “Boss Luo blinked at this time.

Only then did Tina realize that she was still being talked out after all, and she couldn’t help frowning, “Who knows, maybe if you choose to ally with Master Valli, he will be happy to accept it.”

“Mr. Valli has 西安桑拿网 always been. I like to play the games on this board.” Luo Qiu said slowly at this time: “Has he never lost once? Is every time a winner?”

“Yes, Master Vali has never lost once!” Tina At this time, he sneered and