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Those human magicians who are like Sister Guoguo are more accustomed to getting out of combat as much as possible before their magic power is exhausted, and using meditation to restore their magic power. The orc shaman is different from the magician. The orc shaman also has a strong ability to restore magic during the battle. And by chance, my human child, after learning the “heating” general magic skill of various races, has the water system totem of the “magic recovery” skill. Sometimes, I really want to try to turn on the magic recovery effect of the water system totem and the heating magic recovery effect at the same time, how fast my magic recovery will be!

I felt that after the mana was squeezed out, new mana was 西安夜生活网 spawned in all the nodes that originally contained mana in the body, just like rushing to the dry mouth in the desert under the scorching sun, a stream of clear spring poured into the mouth. The refreshing feeling.

There was noise from outside the tent. I don’t know what happened. Normally, I hid in sister Guoguo’s tent. Kuz rarely came to look for me, because sister Guoguo is a water magician worthy of awe.

But I didn’t expect that Kurz would come to me at this time, the reason is actually the disturbance caused by the shepherd’s purse dumplings.

I never expected that these vegetable dumplings made the entire dinner very messy, and the steamed vegetable dumplings exuded an attractive aroma, causing the tribe beast girls who had originally prepared the battered vegetable porridge to abandon the vegetable porridge one 新西安夜网 after another. The cook interceded, exchanged some shepherd’s purse dumplings with vegetable porridge, and took them back to eat with relish.

As a result, the shepherd’s purse dumpling, which was originally enough for 1,300 gray dwarves, seemed very nervous. At this time, it was the turn of the orc supervisors in the excavation field to take turns to eat. They 西安夜生活第一论坛网 saw many orc girls eating with relish. The dumplings thought that these were dinners, and t