rd! so I’ll Royal before your main investment point, you shot me the arrows will penetrate your heart! ”

Si Neifu The husband couldn’t help but roll again in an old donkey posture, avoiding the arrow that was shot at the heart, he got up, grabbed a handful of soil, and mixed some herbal powder from the road and sprinkled it.

The magic is that the sprinkled mud and powder mixed things, unexpectedly began to produce a large amount of gray-white smoke, which suddenly enveloped the surroundings.

When the smoke dissipated, the arrow shot by Kadilai at this time was nothing more than a piece of withered Mr. Neff, which was gone.

Cadile lowered the black longbow at this time, and at the same time, a voice 西安桑拿网 rang in his ear.

“You let him escape.”

This is obviously the voice of Mr. Wali, who is the master, quite calm.

“He reacted quickly, as if he could predict the danger.” Cadile said coldly at this time: “Besides, you didn’t tell me that he has the ability to take a stand and I shot a piece of dead wood.

” ah preparation area, among them, a few did not open the card function, “Mr. Wali’s voice meal, then lightly:”.. among the cartridge, the existence of substitute card features the ability to does not matter, he not escape next time. ”

” You said that as long as I win this game for you, you will release Master Keao and my companions!” Cadile gritted his teeth at this time: “You better not lie to me!”

“Don’t think about me. Is there any possibility of lying to you?” Mr. Valli smiled lightly: “I just gave you one so that you can convince yourself and serve my reasons. Perhaps, you are more hopeful than you think you can Survive from me.”

Cadile was silent.

As a follower, although he couldn’t defy Vali’s battle orders, he must take the initiative in the battle, and he could completely face it passively.

“Go ahead.” Mr. Valli said calmly: “Snef is not the main one. He is just blocking my destination. 西安夜生活网 That’s it.”

Cadile retracted the longbow silently.

“Hey, there seems to be someone in