acked into countless tiny spots of light, spreading to the surroundings, blending into the void, it seems It had already decayed and turned into ashes.

And where he was sitting, there was a tin-white jar with a simple surface pattern and nothing special.

Klein asked Gehrman Sparrow to take two steps forward, bending over to pick it up The tin can was heavy, not like a fake.

He opened the lid of the can with a hand holding parchment, and saw that it was 西安夜生活网 full of gray dust and particles, with no light flickering.

It’s really just ordinary ashes? Then who helped Zaratul to do the cremation? I cremated myself? Gehrman Sparrow closed the lid and took the parchment paper out of his clothes pocket. He took a piece of meatball, stuffed it into his mouth, and swallowed his stomach bag. The

Desperate Witch Pannatia noticed his behavior and narrowed her eyes, as if asking what you wanted to do.

Klein fiddled with the meatball . Entering the secret puppet’s mouth, deliberately adjusted the lower respiratory tract:

a little nervous. I

don’t know if

this’open the door’ symbol is useful. Pannadia has confirmed that the other party eats ordinary fish, which looks more disgusting and half crazy In the state, she didn’t have the patience to make more distinctions, so she looked away and looked at the ashes. She smiled before

saying :

If it’s useless, we can share it. I only use one spoonful a day, which can last a long time.

The witch’s mental state is really not normal. Klein sighed with emotion, and walked over the eraser angel statue that looked like the mother of heaven, and walked to the wall behind.

Then, he turned sideways, pointed at the depression, yes 西安耍耍网 Desperate witch Panadia said:

Insert the obsidian slab into it.

Panadia smiled brightly and said coldly, and said coldly:

First show me the’open door’ symbol. There is

no need to be so wary of me, if I am really serious You, at this moment, will directly give up the secret puppet, and you will have no time to escape from this c