again until Elaine took the tea cup away carefully.

“That’s not wrong.” Ma Kai’s left foot was directly placed on the desk in Florence, and his right foot was comfortably on his left leg. He took out a dozen folded sheets from his chest pocket. A very good blank paper, casually thrown in front of Florence.

Florence smiled and unfolded the white paper, which was densely packed with small, smooth and fancy scribbles.

“Yesterday, the investigation report of those things that happened in the imperial capital, as well as the detailed records of the things they said and did in the Hydra Palace.”

Ma Kai smiled and turned to Elaine who was standing aside. Throwing a wink, his gaze was very rude and 西安耍耍网 aggressive, sweeping from Elaine’s chest to her toes.

Elaine’s face grew gloomy.

Ma Kai smiled’hehe’, he stuck out his tongue, licked the corners of his mouth, and swayed his feet comfortably from side to side: “How about it, old man, if it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t be able to get these things…this is, the Empire The secret, the absolute secret.”

Florence 西安桑拿网 smiled.

What a hell of a secret…

Yesterday’s 西安夜生活第一论坛网 turmoil in the imperial capital, the official of the Durham Empire, must have given ordinary people an explanation in today’s newspaper.

The investigation report that Ma Kai brought was obviously not used to fool ordinary people.

This investigative report is more detailed, more conclusive, and more credible. This should be used by the top of the Duren Empire to fool the 新西安夜网 middle and lower nobles and officials.

Compared with the people who are prone to blind faith, those nobles and officials with more knowledge and wider experience want to fool them. Obviously, this report has been “concocted” more carefully and carefully. The ordinary people cannot see it. Of these things.

As for what the ambassadors of various countries said at the Hydra Palace, Florence received the most detailed report yesterday! 西安夜生活网

What Ma Kai sent was worthless to Florence.

But Florence put down the report in his ha