lking about people, hell, and talk nonsense.

reason why the Kestrel is so funny is that after the Kestrel was done like this by Lorenzo, the feeling of powerless rage is very 西安桑拿网 interesting. If it is Joey, he will look at it seriously. He repeats his needs again, and the robin will always stare at himself seriously until he cooperates.

Serious people and devout believers, it is still interesting to see the Kestrel. Among these people, his bad people account for The highest, the one that fits Lorenzo’s brain circuit best.

Merlin’s castle?

Lorenzo looked surprised. After

spending such a long time together, Merlin felt that he was a scholar with extremely low material needs. Mysterious, there is no past, and he doesn’t look like a guy with a future. He is a bit similar to the Demon Hunter.

Yes, but Arthur originally gave him here. After all, it is the chief technical officer. He always needs a decent residence, right? Joey said.

Lorenzo glanced around the room, and 西安夜生活第一论坛网 things were piled up in a mess. When it first came, it took Lorenzo a long time to clear a place for a nap by the fireplace.

Well, it was a bit unexpected, but it was also. It is expected. It

is indeed Merlin’s style. The collected things are piled up here. He doesn’t live here.

Lorenzo seems to have thought of something, and asked in a low voice.

There shouldn’t be any weird alchemy here . The laboratory, after all, the castle with science lunatics could not be perfect.

Joey looked helpless.

Our cleaning agency has strict regulations, even if Merlin wants to transfer materials and equipment related to alchemy to the outside world, he also needs Documented.



Joey said solemnly.

Lorenzo is like this. There is no extra entertainment in this strange resort, and no demons come out to let him chop and relieve the boredom.

So this crazy target hit Joey and others. When he doesn’t pay

attention, he starts to corrode you with bad words, trying to drag you into the water. The Kestrel has been recruite