as rolled up in the high wind and flew into the sky, making the things covered underneath finally see the sky again, breathing heavily.

After seeing Ye Qingxuan, he reddened his eyes and tried his best to scream hoarsely:

“Ye Qingxuan, you must not die!!!”

Above the bow, Xavier, who was bound to the cross by layers of chains, fought hard. Struggling, desperately trying to get rid of the shackles. 西安夜生活第一论坛网However, his limbs have been replaced by alchemy and merged into the iron.

On his body, a sharp iron plate like a tortoise shell was welded, and someone dipped the paint 西安夜网论坛 with a brush, and wrote scribbles on it.

——I am a defeatist.

With the steel components fused together, he replaced the bronze lady in the original position and became the new head of the ship, about to face the wind and waves, and sail into the dark sea first.

“? How effective”

Igor beating their masterpiece, look to Ye Qingxuan, saw his admiring nod:.西安耍耍网 “Just like works of art, my captain ‘

.” Ha ha ha, I know, ”

Igor Er laughed cheerfully: “I am a goddamn artist by

nature !” “Ye Qingxuan! I curse you! You will be retributed! You will definitely!”

Xavier shouted hoarsely on the bow.

He looked at the turbulent dark ocean in front of him, and after he realized his destiny, his expression was distorted in fear, and he screamed with all his strength:

“Kill me! Don’t be like a lady! You pervert! Crazy! Neuropathy! I curse you! Curse you!!!”

“It’s great to see 西安夜生活网 you full of breath…”

Ye Qingxuan looked at Xavier calmly: “Enjoy our journey happily, Xavier Sir. I promised, you will witness all this in the best position.”

Amidst the screams and anger, Ye Qingxuan turned around with a smile and looked at Igor: “Go, my captain. , I can’t wait.”

Igor nodded, threw the 西安桑拿网 burnt cigarettes under his feet, and waved to the bridge:

“Everyone prepares, turn the rudder to the north!

Target Angru!

Target Alderney Island!

-Pull the anchor and set sail!”

So, the whistle was turned on, and the steel wheel burst into a hig