houghts. But fortunately, he was sure that he could get everything back on track.

“西安夜生活论坛Ideal?!” Grindelwald squinted his eyes. “Ideal, never changed.”

Ignoring Dumbledore’s movements, Gellert Grindelwald stood up abruptly, walked to the window, and pushed

it open. “Look, Dumbledore. Take a good look at this city and this world. Perhaps you know love and peace, but you will never understand what glorious and stubborn, stupid, and unrealistic ideals are.”


“My God, what have you done?”

Dumbledore Turning his head and looking out the window, there was a touch of shock on his face, and the magic wand in his hand almost fell.

This is a scene that is hundreds of times more shocking than the gathering of followers of Grindelwald. In

the sky of Salzburg, there are countless The light and shadow signs of the Deathly Hallows shined from all corners of the city to the sky,

and the gleaming Deathly Hallows signs covered the entire sky. Every street and every square in the whole city flashed with the mark of Grindelwald.

“They have been here for forty-six years?”

Dumbledore turned his face to look at Grindelwald, and every wrinkle on the old man’s face was filled with unspeakable surprise.

“Yes, this is something you have never believed 西安夜生活网in. There are always things that will never fade. . Forty-six years have passed, even you, it is impossible to defeat a city.”

Gellert Grindelwald stood by the window, looked up at the sky, and took a deep breath, “You can try to beat me , But I will never die unless you destroy this city and kill every saint. Now, we can talk about Elena again, right?”

“Is it really worth it? International Magic Jie will never tolerate your aggressive provocations like this.”

Looking at Grindelwald standing by the window, Dumbled sighed repeatedly, “Well, Gellert, what do you want to do? She needs to accept it. A systematic magic education requires a circle of peers, and even if a partner keeps me behind, you can’t prevent her from returning to Hogwarts.”

“I understand.