ordinary bottle or even It’s even more brittle, and it’s shattered by a collision. This is why the mallet breaks when you hit it casually. Of course, your auctioneer will hit the bottle. This is probably your misfortune.” The

auction house owner’s cheek lightly He has already sent the auctioneer back to the backstage for the whipping.

“But… but who would engrave such… such a boring 西安夜网论坛 technique in such a valuable potion bottle?”

“I don’t know about that.” The consultant shrugged and said casually: “Maybe the person who gave the potion, originally It’s not intended to be given to people, or it’s not willingly.”

“Yeah .”

Chapter 221 Mystery Bracelet


For the auction owner, who portrayed the magic technique on the potion bottle? The important thing 西安夜生活第一论坛网 is that this thing was exploded under his hands, and it was still in full view, even if he wanted to lie, there was no place to deny it.

What’s more, he can gain a firm foothold in the black market, relying on a good reputation but a one-time compensation of 50 million secret crystals, but it is like bloodletting.

Everyone in business understands that assets are not equal to liquid funds. The auction house is a big 西安耍耍网 business, but in fact it weighs a lot of goods. Compensation is difficult to sell. It is the biggest headache of the auction boss at this time. .

“Did she really say that?”

After listening to the steward’s report, the auction boss couldn’t help but move his body. Finally, he chose to stand up from the chair, otherwise he always felt very unnatural.

“Yes, boss.” The boss of the

auction shook his head: “Although the things were sold, they have not been officially delivered. We didn’t have the buyer’s money. This fifty million is equivalent to requiring us to pay in full, which is impossible at this time. “

The old steward frowned and thought that this notoriously stingy boss was just planning to compensate the reserve price of the auction item, right? If that were the case, that witch would 西安夜生活网 definitely blow up her h