eng widened his eyes.

“Can you not be fierce? This family is fierce.”

He Tianlei picked his chin at the old couple in the radar station . ” Master Deng was a famous 新西安夜网 wrestler in our field when he was young. He said he was proficient in riding and archery. It’s not an exaggeration. Aunt Lai is even better. Before I met Master Deng, she almost was selected from their local provincial wrestling team to join the national team.”

Nanjing Longfeng blinked his eyes and asked, “If you are so good, you will be a cook. ? ” ”

I regressed so you do not have to follow a hybrid excavators party? “He Trick ruffian ruffian of ridicule in the phrase,” you have to ask them an old married couple children now! it is not to let them give you meal will do , Anyway, before I came, I asked them to make a table for me. The taste is absolutely perfect.”

” I can do everything ?” Nanjing Longfeng asked with raised eyebrows.

“Ask yourself!” After He Tianlei finished speaking, he squeezed out the 西安夜生活论坛 cigarette butts and wandered into the radar station.

Chapter 466 The violent chef

returned to the radar station, Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix scanned the red-eyed Aunt Lai without a trace, and asked before the two of them spoke, “Master Deng, Aunt Lai, Lei Zi has already been with you. Explain the nature and content of the work, right?”

“I’ve made it clear” Master Deng replied a little nervously, “Cooking, driving, and sometimes digging the graves.”

“Leizi, what do you say? “Nanjing Longfeng turned his head and glared at He Tianlei.

“Which one did I say wrong?” He Tianlei asked with a smiley face holding a small tea cup.

Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix thought for a while, it seemed that the difference was not big. Nodded simply, “Master Deng, what Lei Zi said is not wrong, but the job I provide 西安耍耍网 here is more dangerous, so you have to think about it!”

“Little boss, as long as the money is in place, my old Deng I can sell my life to you!” Master Deng suddenly became a little excited for some reason.

“Then tell me, how muc