heard that the annual Limon Carnival had begun, and wanted to take a look at the Municipal Square.

this time last year, due to the war, the carnival was not held, which made Jia Simin very disappointed. After that, she suffered the biggest trauma in her life and kept hiding at home. She didn’t dare and didn’t want to. Go out.

Maybe it was because closed for too long. , And always confined to the narrow environment at home, Jia Simin has always wanted to 西安夜生活论坛 go to the street lately, thinking about walking around, just like in the past. After

turning her eyes, she saw the present from the large glass windows of the street shop Self: The

whole body is pitch black, there is no variegated color, the long skirt reaches the ankle position, the mesh of the hat covers most of the face, from the bottom of the eyes to the neck, it is wrapped in layers by a scarf, wearing one 西安桑拿网 on each palm Gloves made of wool.

This is completely different from the cheerful and lively self

in Jia Simin’s memory. In the previous war, a shell destroyed the original home of Jia Simin and her parents, and brought a fire, which burned her down. Her face was traumatized everywhere in her body.

If she was not lucky enough, Jia Simin would have died of that serious injury, but even 西安耍耍网 so, she felt that her life seemed to have been terminated at that moment.

Now she, nose It was burned, and only two dark holes were left. There were a lot of traces of flames on the face, neck, and hands. If you walk in the dark, you can play the role of a demon.

Jia Simin remembers clearly. thing is, moved to this apartment the first night, she cleaned up before going to bed in a public lavatory body, just out 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the door, he saw a teenager over, but the young man saw her.

crimson moonlit it next, revealing a young man extremely frightened expression, seems ready to jump up, turned around and bolted away.

eventually, he controlled himself, just a few steps sideways, afraid to look at Jasmine’s face.

this It pierced Jia Simin’s fragile heart.