lity is very scientific, but most road idiots will always accurately trigger small probability events.

“I think this road is more familiar. If there is no accident, I should walk through.”

Of course, two consecutive Going back to the same place again, this argument can no longer be falsified. It is indeed very familiar.

“Are you sure that your choice is correct? If I remember correctly, this is the first time you have come to Hogwarts?”


This was when Grindelwald was trying to point in another direction, Elena The question raised subconsciously is really not because she is sure.

“Shut up, let me judge the direction.” When returning to the origin for the first time, Grindelwald said.

But unfortunately, even the third Grindelwald led the way again, and the two returned to the original point.

“Or, would you ask Professor Dumbledore for help? You must have some magical magic to call each 西安夜生活第一论坛网 other.”

Elena rubbed her almost hungry. Stomach, weeping and looking to the side of Grindelwald.

The underground buildings of Hogwarts are really terrible. So, will this school really have missing places?

“Try it one last time.”

Grindelwald’s eyes twitched .

Chi, it must be late to the auditorium now. With Albus’s character,西安桑拿网 although he can’t say anything, he will laugh at him silently in his heart.

“Speaking, I seem to hear some strange noises in the left direction. Let’s go in this direction this time.”


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Hogwarts is not a conventional one Castle.

Since Ms. Ravenclaw began to try to solidify magic in this castle, generations of outstanding wizards have followed the example of the forerunners and secretly left some of their own “gifts” in the castle.

Although most of them 西安夜生活论坛