id without shyness, “Now? The secret room has been reopened by Slytherin’s heir? Filch’s That cat will definitely not be the first one to be targeted? The attack will definitely happen again, and the school will panic again. Amulets and exorcists will definitely sell well.”

“I think you will sell things better than me .” Good.” Albert said honestly? “And I have no patience to sell things.”

“So we can cooperate.” 西安夜网论坛 Kenneth Toller said seriously.

“Cooperation, how to cooperate?” Albert looked at Ken. Nith Toller’s eyes suddenly said, “So, you want me to provide you with amulets.”

“Yes.” Kenneth Toller said with a thumbs up.

“If I want to sell, I can find Frey. German, George and Lee Jordan help sell things.” Albert raised his hand and pointed to the three people beside him. The

three people looked at Kenneth Toller with a grin, and said in unison: “Yes, you are superfluous. ”

Don’t say that, I can provide you with a lot of convenience.” Kenneth Toller said, “Everyone can make more money by working together. It’s nothing bad.”

“I didn’t plan to sell amulets. Those things are right. The monsters in the secret room have no effect at all.” Albert reminded, “If you want to sell, you might as well wholesale 西安耍耍网 a bunch of speculums, at least the speculums can have some effect.”

“Speculums?” Kenny Thomas Toller shook his head and said, “Those things have no effect, and they can be bought in Hogsmeade Village.”

“You want to say that everyone buys amulets for peace of mind,” Albert asked with a weird expression.

Kenneth Toller: “…”

“I’m not angry, I’m not angry.” He took a few deep breaths and asked: “Some effective amulets, I think you should be able to make them?”

“I said, those things are right The monster in the secret room has no effect.”

“You said, they are just trying to feel at ease.” Kenneth Toller said seriously, “A lot of people buy some fake and shoddy products, at least we sell genuine ones.”


“I don’t have the materials.” Albert said, “If you can help me get the mat