Qiaodan had to use an empty bowl to buckle the table upside down and cover the smoking fruit in it , But black smoke will still overflow from under the bowl.

“Wow, so thick black smoke, what did you do?” George opened the inverted lid of the bowl, and the black smoke burst out, causing a lot of people. Note.

“I just want to try whether the bitten fruit can be restored.” Li Qiaodan scratched his head awkwardly. “As a result, I was distracted by accident just now, and it became like this.”

“Can you get the smoke out? “Drop.” Li Qiaodan looked at Albert for help. “Spell

stop.” Albert took out his magic wand, tapped the fruit that was still smoking with the tip of the wand, and used a universal countermeasure against it. Curse. The

fruit is no longer emitting black smoke, but it has 西安夜生活论坛 become scorched all over, as if it had been burned into a coke.

“What spell did you use just now,” Albert took the fork and poked the one lightly. The fruit quickly turned into a pile of charred ashes.

“I don’t know.” Li Qiaodan was still stunned.

“By the way, what spell are you just practicing?” George picked up some ashes and put it on his fingertips. I rubbed it and asked.

“Repair spell.” Li Qiaodan confessed 西安夜生活网 honestly.

“You can tear up a piece of newspaper to practice.” Albert saw someone use fruit to practice a repair spell for the first time.

He suddenly remembered that he hadn’t read the newspaper today, and he asked: “Who of you saw my Daily Prophet today?”

“Where is it with me.” Fred handed the headline of the Daily Prophet to Albert. Now

I am watching the 新西安夜网 Quidditch column.

“What’s the front page news?” Albert took the newspaper and opened it. “I just finished reading the front page and Cornelius Fudge became the Minister of Magic.” Fred said, “It is said, The new minister always sends a bunch of owls to Dumbledore every morning to talk to him about the Ministry of Magic.”

Albert opened the Daily Prophet, looked at the front page news, and suddenly said, “It’s a pretty good one. Smart 西安夜网论坛 guy.