elet carefully, “Well, what seems to be written on it seems to be a kind of text. I really want to see it somewhere.”

“There? “Miss San asked quickly.

“It seems to be in the teacher’s library.” Elizabeth thought for a while, and quickly walked into the library with Zhong Luoyue, and then looked up among the piles of books piled up like a hill. These are all Elizabeth’s. A precious book that I finished reading in a while.

This child is really trying to catch up with such a heart, and sure enough, for women who are emotionally impulsive, they can make terrible efforts.

Zhong Luoyue shook her head secretly, saying that she would never do these things for a man in 西安夜生活网 her life, she would only work so hard for herself and make herself better.

“Found it!”

Just when the third lady was secretly wandering, the little vampire girl heard a cry of surprise, and saw that she was holding up a big book half her height on the mountain of books, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 and then spread her slap-sized wings , Slowly flew down, “That’s the kind of text! This bracelet is engraved with the words of the Titan Protoss!”


“The Titan Protoss is the Protoss that ruled the world before the Greek Gods! Cronus knows Is it? That is the father of the Lord of the Sky, Pluto and Sea King in the Greek Gods! He is the God King of the Titan Protoss!” The

third lady glanced at the pile of miscellaneous books and thought that she would make a living in it in the future. It seems that some knowledge is really needed.

She shook her head and said, “Can you decipher what the words engraved on this bracelet are?” The

little vampire girl suddenly opened the half-person-high book and turned it page by page like a dictionary. Zhong Luoyue Counting the time silently, feeling the inner anxiety.

It wasn’t until late at night 西安桑拿网 that the little vampire girl yawned and raised her head, looking at Zhong Luoyue and saying, “Yue, it’s translated!”

“What is it?” Zhong Luoyue asked quickly.

Elizabeth thought for a while and said: “It seems to be the na