is no such day in my life.


In the continuous sound of breaking, a crisp crash sounded.

Just in the blockade of Dragon Slaying Spear, a erratic sword shadow suddenly penetrated Lancelot’s blockade and fell on his faceplate. Moonlight collided with steel, but it made a real 西安夜生活论坛 sound.

Even though he was resisted by the dark dragon might in his body, the power carried in the blade pierced his face with pain.

Was hit?

Even, he never reacted!

He looked at the dozens of swords of moonlight that had been slashed, and behind those swords of gold and iron, Ye Qingxuan’s figure. In Ye Qingxuan’s hand, holding a ray of moonlight.

That is light,

no killing intent, no texture, and even the shape is erratic. 西安桑拿网

After throwing everything away, what emerged from Ye Qingxuan’s hands was the purest moonlight.

Moonlight Sword.

The battle with Lancelot was like a cruel forging, and the battle was like a furnace, which changed the power of the Moonlight Sword again. The power faded away, the impurities were abandoned, only pure light remained.

Moonlight sword.

This is the fastest speed in the world, no one can surpass the light.

That ray of light slowly emerged from Ye Qingxuan’s fingertips and aimed at Lancelot again.

Although due to just comprehension, the mastery is not deep, and the power it carries is far inferior to the sword blades of other metals, but this represents a reversal of the situation.

Can’t delay any longer

At that moment, Lancelot ignored the surrounding 西安夜生活网 qualitative change sword that was interfering with him, flicked his fingers, and retreated six steps. Amid the roar of iron boots breaking through the slab, he once again drove the impact posture, the gun was raised high and aimed at Ye Qingxuan’s face.

The blazing high temperature radiated from the armor, evaporating a large rain of blood, and he was shrouded in a faint mist. But in that mist, there was a blatant killing intent bursting out!

It was so hot, but 西安夜生活第一论坛网 the fog was frozen by the chill of the armor, and ev