en the young brave and the old mage.

The old mage who possesses the wisdom brought by age will guide the brave to a brighter path.

Unprepared, Mr. Valli was shocked by the text. He subconsciously looked at the chef of his castle. If he remembered correctly and predicted that he was wrong, Chef Nelson should have been after his gaze. , Is it about to start a duel with the overlord who instigated his twin maids not long ago?

But Mr. Valli, who has already made technical adjustments to the situation that may arise, seems quite calm at this time, at least on the surface it seems so right. 新西安夜网

“Oh? Mr. Nelson seems to have found a new way to play?” Mr. Valli smiled slightly, watching Mr. Nelson, the chef of the castle, slowly walk into his new team at this time.

This is the team belonging to the maid lady.

“We hope to give you a big surprise.” Chef Nelson said sternly: “Mr. Varley, this is still a perfect day for you.”

“I’m looking forward to it.” Mr. Varley waved his hand at 西安夜生活网this time. , Immediately looked at Yuya and smiled again: “This is really a game full of unknowns. This makes me wonder, if my follower meets your follower, will we become a Team.” The

team’s syllables bite a little harder, Mr. Valli smiled slightly, and immediately made a two-point action point.

At this time, his servants have entered from another direction, but at these two points of action, Mr. Valli did not 西安夜生活论坛 directly approach the team of Miss Maid, Tiff and Chef Nelson, but moved to the left. There are two grid areas.

At this point, it happens to be the end of a round of casting points. In fact, at the end of each round, it will end with Mr. Vali’s casting points.

Then there is the life reduction of the cast point. This round of life reduction, if it is not too lucky, it can basically be resisted.


Before the new round of action to cast points, the masters once again began to extract the function in the box, Mr. Cavalli put his palm on the box, and directly grabbed a function card out.

He smiled slightly, plac