nife is like burning. I have seen exactly the same on the handle of a long spear Pattern.” The Terran businessman exclaimed.

Kurz asked directly: “How much is this knife worth?” The

three businessmen hesitated, and looked at each other, all of them looked a little embarrassed.

Finally, the older orc said, “The material value of this giant chop itself is very high, but this knife cannot be sold in our Gluding town. We werewolf warriors don’t like such giant weapons. We wolf clan The wolf cavalry has always been the most famous. Although this kind of giant cut is good, it is too heavy. If the wolf is carrying such a heavy weapon, it will be difficult 西安耍耍网 to burst at the maximum speed when charging again, and it will also lose its agility in battle. . Our fighters prefer to use horizontal knives.”

Kurz frowned and asked: “Not very valuable?”

The elderly orc weapon merchant explained: “It’s not that it’s worthless, it’s not easy to sell!”

“Such a giant cut costs hundreds of catties of black iron, and it also contains a lot of mithril. The cost of the knife must be at least three golds or more.” The middle-aged werewolf merchant finally hesitated and said.

“Three golds are just material money. If you ask such a skilled blacksmith to make it, the cost will at least be about the hardware.” The elderly werewolf continued.

Kurz hesitated a little, and it was obvious that the two weapon merchants had no intention of buying. They also said, it’s not that 西安夜网论坛 the stuff is bad, but the werewolf warriors don’t need it! But they still quoted a conservative price, seemingly thinking that if Kidd’s butler forced them to buy it back for a while, they would not pay for the price they gave.

Originally, I thought it was just an ordinary black iron forged saber, which had no advantages other than being a bit heavier and a bit sharper. But obviously we 新西安夜网 ignored these captured weapons, and we didn’t expect that these two giant slashes were actually mixed with mithril mine. The human businessman actually found a mag