ea of ??strength the size of a sea bowl, and their physical strength far surpassed Lieutenant Allen.

In addition, all the guards present 西安夜生活论坛 have opened up a sea of ??energy!

Joe felt itchy at the roots of his teeth. This is the strength of the elite Rittal Guards, right?

What surprised Joe even more was that among the hundreds of family guards present, more than 30% of them opened up a spiritual sea.

According to the superficial common sense that Qiao understands, opening up a sea of ??strength is enough to become a soldier in the imperial 西安桑拿网 army, and the military salary is several times higher than that of ordinary soldiers; opening up a sea of ??energy is eligible to be trained by the army, at least to become a lieutenant. Officers, after retirement, can find good jobs in places.

Once the spirit sea is opened up, it is enough to be favored by the army and embark on a fast track for promotion. Ordinary people have survived for more than ten 新西安夜网 years, and have not seen the threshold of school-level officers, but the elite who develops the spirit sea can often get exceptional promotion.

Qiao’s eyes swept across the crowd of people present.

A neat pace came from a distance. A group of nearly a thousand people in a row of four, like an upright army, ran over Feiyu Street, fully armed.

These people are all wearing thin leather boots, brown 西安桑拿网 canvas work pants, brown round neck long-sleeved shirts, and leather vests full of large and small pockets.

They were holding flintlock rifles, with varying numbers of flintlock blunderbuss, scimitars, and long swords hanging from their waists, and they approached quickly with fierce eyes.

On both sides of this team, dozens of military police followed in embarrassment.

Tulum Port officials don’t mind 西安夜生活网 that the private sector, especially the large chambers of commerce, possess ordnance, but it is undoubtedly unreasonable and unlawful for such openly gathering crowds and heavily armed to swagger through the market.

However, the opponents are large in numbe