e Qingxuan’s turn to feel like he’s 西安夜生活网 a dog.

“How do you guys do things?! Give Mr. Ye this kind of ghost!”

The fat man turned around and cursed the guard with a bloody head, and then he smiled. Turning his head and said,

“What do you want to eat? I will ask them to fix the table for you. If you have any requirements, you can tell me, I will try my best to satisfy you. Never let you suffer the slightest grievance!”

Ye Qingxuan said for a while ! Trance.

Is it

true that he is the father of this product? No, even the father of this product would not be so enthusiastic, right?

Ye Qingxuan carefully looked at the fat man for a long time, wondering what medicine he was selling in his stomach.

Now that the other party said so, Ye Qingxuan didn’t say anything to them, and waved directly: “You shit chef here 西安夜生活论坛 don’t be ashamed.

I want the truffle steak from Baisong Restaurant for the main course . The steak is half cooked and served with pepper sauce. . For

appetizers, come with a piece of smoked salmon with emerald.

Then, baked oysters with red wine and cheese, give me a dozen, and fish roe, I want to ”

report all the signature dishes of the famous restaurants in the holy city in one breath. ” Once again, Ye Qingxuan didn’t care if they could get this kind of delicacy 西安桑拿网 that even the bishop would have to make an appointment in advance, and finally waved his hand:

“Oh, yes, for the soup, I have a bad stomach recently. Come to the South. The vegetable soup is easy to digest.”

After he said, he squinted at the fat man:

“You remember all of them?”

“You remember them all.” 新西安夜网

The fat man smiled attentively, without any irritation, as if looking at him . Dad’s enthusiasm: “Don’t worry, I promise to get it done for you!”

“Hold on!”

Ye Qingxuan stopped him: “I’m in a bad mood recently, and I can’t eat just enough. Ask a few luthiers to come over and play some music for me to relax me.”

“Good!” The

fat man nodded, “No problem!”

Ye Qingxuan was taken aback, feeling more and more gh