ntriguing smile.

But no matter what the truth is, this area of ??Xinshou Village really cost a huge price before it was put under his private domain.

This is the site of Novice Village. 新西安夜网 It is protected by the gods. Therefore, powerful monsters cannot invade at all. This is to ensure that the newly born can have a safe growth environment. Therefore, all Novice Villages on the mainland belong to none. The forces are absolutely neutral.

But the only player who legally took possession of the land in Novice Village, what secrets were hidden in it, naturally attracted the attention of countless 西安桑拿网 people.

Every day, I don’t know how many newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, thinking about sneaking into this territory to explore the secrets of husband and wife.

Because it really doesn’t look at the harassment relationship, for a while, in addition to the various defenses equipped after the legalization of the territory, it also spends a large price to hire an entire corps to stay around the lake for a 西安夜生活第一论坛网 long time.

Boss Luo had never thought that Qian Xiu would attach such importance to this place, but he didn’t have much touch in his heart.

But the mood was still good, because I encountered such a wonderful thing by accident.

“Are you still smiling? What’s so funny?” The white soldier frowned at this moment: “You are a rookie, don’t always think that you are lucky. You can find treasure 西安夜生活网 in Xinshou Village, or do it down to earth. Go kill the chickens in Novice Village and upgrade! Do not come here again, next time you will not be so lucky to meet us! If you meet other irritable guys in our corps, you may not say anything, just come up and beat you up! ”

Luo boss pondered a moment, I suddenly remembered Miss maid in the design of a map of the entire continent, and she had talked about a 西安夜网论坛 funny thing.

It probably means why the chickens in Novice Village are so easy to kill, and they can often provide good experience so that novices can upgrade quickly.

So later there was such a setting that