ough a bustling street, he turned to Knapped Alley.

It seems more silent here than before.

The few shops in the eye were clearly still open, but they closed their doors and windows, and the dark wizards who wandered nearby were nowhere to be seen.

In the evening, as the sun set, the continuous light rain slowly stopped, and the dark clouds in the sky remained gloomy.

Ivan’s inner anxiety became more and more intensified, and he could not help speeding up his pace.


Just as Ivan was passing a corner, a huge explosion sounded from the front, and the bright red fire light was 西安夜生活论坛 clearly visible.

Ivan rushed to the direction of fire and explosion.

When he arrived at the same place, Ivan’s pupils shrank, and the place where the accident happened was his black 西安耍耍网 magic shop.

An irregular circular hole was exploded on the side of this double-storey building, and some fire light, gravel and dust could be seen faintly.

Ivan blessed himself with an iron armor curse at the fastest speed, and rushed directly in. Seven or eight corpses in black robes fell to the ground, and they were blown to blood and blood. It

was a thunderbolt explosion! Ivan 西安夜生活网 recognized it at a glance. Cause this kind of scope of killing magic.

Did Aesia do it? How is she?

Ivan tried his best to 西安夜网论坛 think of a good place, but his heart became more and more disturbed.

Using such a powerful blasting magic in a small room is extremely dangerous, unless you have to do it as a last resort.

Ivan ran all the way, trying to use the faster unicorn shadow to help him search. The white mist gradually floated out of the magic wand, but he could not form the appearance of a patron saint…

“Call the gods to guard… Call God to protect!” Ivan tried hard to release his blood magic. Finally, the white mist reluctantly condensed into the appearance of a unicorn, but it suddenly collapsed in the next second, and the white mist floating out 西安桑拿网 of the wand disappeared without a trace…

Ivan’s footsteps stopped, and his brain was lost. B