rriors armed with sabers roared in unison, and a light yellow halo suddenly spread under their feet. Six concentric circles surrounded by a five-pointed star’s halo condensed, and the yellow halo was unsteady, and the magic pattern halo was continuously zooming from about three feet to about twelve feet in diameter along with the sound of their breathing.

Accompanied by the creaking of muscles and bones, the bodies of more than 20 soldiers with auras gushing out of their feet slowly lifted up.

They were originally a normal height of five feet, nine inches and ten inches, but as the halo poured out, their bodies quickly rose to six feet and one or two inches, and their arms and thighs became thicker.


There was a loud noise, and the warrior with the heavy sword shook his body, his footing was unstable, and he was struck back by the sword seven or eight steps.

In terms of absolute strength, the power of the black armored warrior with the magic pattern halo surging under his feet soared, completely suppressing the group of burly tall men.

“Earth Demon Bear! Damn Ruiwei Kingdom!” The brawny man with white flames on his body and holding an epee in front of the old man roared angrily: “Their entire kingdom should be subject to the sacred judgment and should be put on the fire.”

“No. , No, don’t let your anger cloud your wisdom, dear child.” The old man held the black cloth wrapped in his arms tightly, shook his head and sighed: “The power of the earth bear belongs to Ruiwei Kingdom. But, the earth Bear potions are not uncommon. The Ruiwei Kingdom wantonly sells the 新西安夜网 Earth Bear potions on the black market for money.” The

old man’s thin cheeks twitched violently: “The Durham Empire also buys Earth Bear potions every year. No one knows. How many warriors in the Dao Lun Empire possess the power of the Earth Bear, one thousand or ten thousand? Who knows?” The

old man murmured: ” Therefore, this is the fundamental reason why we reclaim and seal these taboos. We ”

poof!” 西安桑拿网

A strangely