ded her to beware of this.

After all, the leader behind the psychological alchemy meeting, the former king of angels, has become the true god of Sequence 0. The knowledge shared in the Tarot Club shouldn’t 西安夜生活网 be another writer in the real world. In this way, even if Mr. Rage is so powerful, as long as it is still in the audience’s way, it will be at best with Eri Hogg. At the same level, there is only a certain level of difference in combat experience, psychological research, and self-cultivation. At

this moment, as the giant white rabbit entered, the large and gray Erehogg slammed open and covered himself. The wings of the film instantly enveloped the surrounding area with a layer of shadow. The

white 西安夜网论坛 rabbit’s feet suddenly became extremely huge, like a small hill.

At the same time, the dark sky immediately above him was bright, and his On the soles of the feet, the ground cracked one after another, and crimson magma was sprayed out.

Then, a vague and twisted figure appeared behind it.

This figure is 西安桑拿网 wearing a simple white robe, it is difficult to see the appearance, and the age cannot be distinguished. , Can only vaguely see that it is a male.

back of his head, hanging round brilliant glow exudes Fremont, like a miniature sun; his feet, there is a divided into twelve In the illusory clock of the grid, each grid has symbols that symbolize different times; behind him, there is a shadow that 西安耍耍网 looks like a curtain, and within the shadow, there seems to be an eye peering out silently.

The silhouette of this figure just appeared, causing the entire dream maze to shake violently, and there were continuous gray fragments from the void. The

two diametrically opposed feelings of filth and depravity and pure sunlight spread rapidly around the giant white rabbit, eroding or assimilating this area.

However, the figure in the simple white robe is always difficult to truly form. Fa walked from history and illusion to reality.

Whenever his outline was about to be clear, his figure would be distor