her example is the day before. If I don’t ask 西安桑拿网 questions, you won’t remember it, but when I ask, you can learn from it. From the huge memory, retrieve the memory corresponding to this vocabulary. Memory is like a huge library, a library hidden in a palace, and we are the librarian. When there are stimuli from the outside world, we follow Stimulate the need to find the corresponding book, which is the memory.

This is also the prototype of the memory palace, a language that can be described as an existence, and Hercule continues to explain. But

now your library has a problem, and those books are scattered all over the place. Ground, the name of the cover is not the same as the content, and some bookshelves are blank and the memory disappears.

Hercule looked at Lorenzo and muttered.

Even the librarian was beaten by someone. Mental trance. But 新西安夜网

human memory will not disappear without a chance. Our life is very long, and there are too many repetitive and cumbersome memories. They are like useless books, but occupy important places in vain, so they are usually thrown into In the corner of memory, or the basement in that palace, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist anymore, they are just forgotten.

What I have to do now is to retrieve and fill those? Lorenzo 西安耍耍网 asked.

Yes, although I don’t know the specific situation, I can also feel the heavy Lorenzo of the so-called Holy Night. You have to figure out everything that night. The center of all mysteries.

Hercule stood up holding Poirot, lit the light, and dispelled the darkness in the room. It looked like the time was approaching night, but due to the thunderstorm, it was already dark outside, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 and I didn’t know this. How long will the weather last?

I will be with you in a moment. Tell me about the Palace of Memory, but I will trouble you to rest early, your mental state is very poor.

Hercule said

that he showed Lorenzo the way. That room is reserved for you, I will Sleeping next door.

Tired body with exhausted spirit, lying heavily