taken out one by one. At the same time, they were discovered together, and one that seemed to have been burned. Black pirate flag.

Until all the findings were properly put into an opaque sealed bag, Big Ivan then asked intently, “Yuri, has the X-ray picture of that asphalt block come out?”

“It’s already out”

Nanjing Longfeng opened. For the curtains, a light sheet is placed on the glass window, and the sunlight outside the window passes through the light sheet to clearly show the contents inside.

In this long asphalt bump, it seems to be wrapped in a long box, and inside the box, you can also see things such as cans and wooden boxes.

“There seems to be something that is not easy to oxidize.” Big Ivan immediately revealed his true purpose in the next sentence, “Yuri, how about we cut the asphalt?”

“Leizi, come.” Although Nanjing Longfeng didn’t refuse, he obviously couldn’t believe in the rough big Ivan.

The latter doesn’t mind, anyway, as long as it can be opened, who will operate it differently? After he took out all the sealed flags in the gas operation box, He Tianlei, with the help of Deng Shuxiang, stuffed the 西安夜生活网 bituminous lump in it.

He Tianlei’s movements are obviously much finer than the destructive operation that Ivan exclaimed. But correspondingly, the time he spent was also greatly lengthened.

Until the sky outside the window dimmed, the original asphalt block was already small, and the wooden box wrapped in asphalt was also exposed.

This wooden box is only nearly 40 cm square, and the length is also 西安夜生活第一论坛网 less than half a meter. As the lid of the box was carefully opened, the contents were finally revealed in the dim afterglow of the sunset.

In this box, in addition to a cloth bag with Chinese characteristics, there are also a long cloth roll, a palm-sized wooden box, and two glazed jars.

There was a red cloth around the mouth of one of the jars, and a piece of red paper was pasted on the altar, with three dim black words “Jinpanlu” written vigorously on it.

He Tianlei c