Luo Qiu followed, but Gan Hong suddenly shouted at this moment, “Master Qiu”

“Is there something?”

Gan Hong looked at Luo Qiu’s face, wondering if it was an illusion that Master 西安夜生活网 Qiu gave her the feeling that she It was almost the same the first time I saw him on the train, but the Song family was quietly different because of his arrival.

“I…I will recover as soon as possible.” Gan Hong said sternly.

Luo Qiu just smiled, did not say anything, just said before leaving: Goodbye.

The helicopter rose slowly into the air.

Song Er patted Gan Hong’s shoulder at this moment, and said gently: “If you want to catch up, get well soon. Can you catch up? I have brought so many students, and it is a woman who can persist. Not much, and you are the best among the few.”

Gan Hong nodded towards Song Er.

Song Er suddenly said at this time: “In fact, when the master said that he would give you to the new Master Sun, I was opposed to it, and I was even a little worried.

Take off the young master’s side.” “Second instructor, I don’t understand what you mean.” Gan Hong frowned.

Song Er cold said: “This is the idea of ??the young and old? The young and old love to do this kind of things. Did he tell you that if you can climb on the bedside of this young master, then you have been burdened for more than ten years. Qiu has hope?”

Gan Hong’s expression 西安夜网论坛 became slightly stiff.

Song Er shook his head at this time and said: “But now it seems that the path you chose is not going. Although I don’t know how to look like a blind man, I can roughly see how a person is. Climbing onto this young master Qiu’s bed, it’s a question of whether he can get close to him. This young master Qiu seems humble, but he is actually more ruthless than anyone else.”

“Second instructor, I… I don’t think so.” Gan Hong shook his head.

Song Er said, “I said his ruthlessness is not the kind that is cold and ruthless. How do you say it?”

Song Er frowned, “If he insists on saying it, I am afraid that it will be de