le bit Dry.

“I’ll go alone. Don’t worry, everything has me.” The

silver-haired little Lori turned 西安桑拿网 and walked towards the castle, waved her hand happily.

If you do something by yourself, think about it. Take the initiative to bear the consequences, no matter good or bad, this is what Benitez has always taught her, and it is also the principle she pursues.

“But” Hannah also stood up, a little hesitant. If you

can’t look back, if you look 西安耍耍网 back, it is hard to create it. The heroic aura is gone.

Elena muttered silently in her heart, and walked forward unhurriedly, and said calmly.

“Relax, I carefully studied the latest version of Hogwarts Magic last night . “School Rules and Regulations”, and there is no punishment for this behavior. Even when he got to the principal’s office, Dumbledore couldn’t do anything to me.”


looked at the silver-haired witch who was about to enter the castle, Han Na gritted her teeth and simply shouted out, “But, Elena, aren’t you Lu Chi? Does 新西安夜网 it really matter?”

In the crowd of sight, lopsided silver-haired little Lolita suddenly stumbled.

A somewhat aggravated voice came from a distance.

“Schools and the specter of so many portraits, I ask!”

Gugu Gu ~

Chapter 88: Speculation about the Magical Portrait

At 西安夜网论坛 first, the stairs of Hogwarts Castle still did not move.

However, the wise Ms. Rowena Ravenclaw believed that the unchanging learning environment would restrain people. Soon, the other three founders were surprised to find that they wanted to find a stairway in Hogwarts that had not been enchanted. Singing is even

more difficult. What’s even more desperate is that Ms. Rowena, who has finished tossing the stairs, has begun to turn her attention to the door in the castle. Fortunately, the three founders who finally sensed something wrong joined hands to stop it. Her behavior.

Since then, the common rooms of Slytherin College and Hufflepuff College have been moved to the ground floor of the castle, so 西安夜生活第一论坛网 that at least students will not miss