th rock candy on the sofa.

It’s a safe night. When everyone in their sleep is awakened by the sound of Vika tapping the soup bucket with a long-handled spoon 西安夜生活论坛again, it is already the next morning. Compared with yesterday, the white fog outside the car window has been so dense that it has shortened the field of vision to The degree of less than ten meters.

“There are two tasks today”

Nanjing Longfeng shouted while standing by the bonfire with a big bowl of hot oatmeal, “First of all, the guys from Belarus will explore all the remaining points.”

“No problem!” Irene Na is the two sisters waving their small fists and shouting confidently.

“The second task, yesterday afternoon, I found four points that responded. The guys in the club were free to form four groups and try to dig out all four points before lunch! By the way, remember to hang the car in white. The camouflage net, such a big fog may not clear up for a while. If someone finds it, it may be fooled.”

“西安夜网论坛 Let’s go two in a group.” Xianyu waited for Nanjing Dragon and Phoenix to take the initiative to find it. Sack, “Their three pairs of

dogs and men definitely don’t need me.”

“I want to go with my clan.” Assak threw the key of the supply car to Xianyu, turning his head to shout to his clan. “Ava, you and the salted fish, go and help our Belarusian friend add water to the diesel barrel.” 西安夜生活网

“Okay.” A strong man not much smaller than Assak came out and coaxed the children into salty The fish came and tried to kill, “Let’s go, how about you driving? My driving skills are not very good.”

“Wait for me to find a girlfriend that you envy!” The salted fish gritted his teeth and said cruelly, no Reluctantly stood with the brawny man who was a head taller than himself.

Although the work of adding water is not tiring, it is very troublesome. Not only do you have to drive the car back and forth between the hot needles, and when the water in the tank is used up, you must go to the frozen lake two kilometers away to get water. In general, the