dark film and cloth The wings of countless patterns and symbols protruded out of the darkness, getting bigger and wider, and completely enveloped the surroundings in two or three seconds. The

restaurant plunged into abnormal darkness. As if moved away from the real world.

Mistral did not hesitate or attacked directly. He took out a bronze box with many rubies and took out something from 西安耍耍网it. It

was a transparent glass ball shaped like an eyeball . .

then, the vampire Count Mistral face twisted in pain a little bit, so that the glass ball out of fingers, drop down the side.

it issued its own glass ball a little light in the darkness, seems subject to some It constantly adjusted its direction in mid-air like attracting.

Eventually, it fell into a room on the second floor of the restaurant. The 西安夜网论坛

bright white light burst out, and the room seemed to have the sun rising, illuminating everything and letting all The filth, depravity, evil, immortality, and darkness melted rapidly.

Hey, Mistral, who closed his eyes early, frowned and made a suspicious voice.

He didn’t feel any resistance in that restaurant! His

eyes had changed from looking down. Although Sharon, who changed to looking flat, did not change her expression, her tightly bound light blonde hair seemed to shake less obviously.

After the sun rose, it quickly set, and the white light was helpless in the dark. Silence.

Since this is for evil spirits, the house where the restaurant is located has not suffered any damage. The blood Count Mistral opened his eyes, and after looking for two seconds, he put out his right hand and 西安桑拿网 suddenly moved up. Grab.

The darkness above the restaurant came alive in an instant, turning into a series of illusory shackles, binding the entire roof.

Amid the sour squeak, the roof was pulled up by the shackles and hung into the air.

Without this Layers of obstacles, both Mistral and Sharon can clearly see the situation in the target room:

a radio transceiver is placed on a square table covered wi