d to its maximum. Good, the two of them are in the orc squad, and some orc warriors cast envious eyes at Kentoya.

I thought: Sure enough, the miscellaneous book said that the chest of the orc girls is a haven for the souls of orc warriors.

Kalantso saw that the orc warriors became a little sluggish, so he stood up from me, took an iron-wood tower shield, and beat the shield rhythmically with the back of her two-handed sword. .

“Papa papa. papa. papa!”

When the orc warriors sitting around heard the sound of Kalantuo tapping on the shield, they all raised their heads one after another, looking at 西安耍耍网 Kalantuo with some confusion.

They knew that the leader Kalantso had something to say, and the surroundings became quiet.

After the ice wall collapsed and fell on a huge ice block nearby, Kalantuo jumped up flexibly, with a two-handed sword in her hand inserted on the ground in front of her, and then she asked the orc warriors in front of her a question: “Those wastelands The wind wolves on the mountain, will they cry because of the death of the demon antelope? Or because of the hardships of those demon antelopes, they will not catch them and eat grass instead?”

Upright orc warriors, some people shake their heads, some people Said: “No!”

Kalantuo coldly shouted: “If you want to pity the things in front of you, or pity the goblins, then just roll back to the coal yard in El City and starve to death! “The

orc warrior was completely stunned by Kalantuo’s words, and looked at Kalantuo in a daze. At this time, Kalantuo ripped off his half-body armor with one hand, revealing a plump chest, and her skin appeared. The color of wheat is full of luster.

At this time, she was more like a fanatical believer, clenched her fist and patted her chest, and said loudly to the orc warriors: “Every warrior who followed me here 西安夜网论坛 has the blood of the wolf god in her body. Every wolf is the best in the grassland, and they have been hunting all their lives.”

“Why should we be sad for those things, why? They are the