the streets of the inner ancient city.

Kuroluoa ??stared at this scene in a daze, his body contracted a little 西安桑拿网 bit and he lifted his violent state, only feeling that the sea breeze before dawn at this moment was particularly cold.

Just at this time.

“Kuloloya, what are you doing here? The entrance has been opened to Mysteel?”

He heard the voice, and he held Mysteel’s corpse, turning around slowly, watching the slow landing in front of him. Bairegang.

The acting grand duke of the clan listened silently to Kuroroa about the horror he had experienced half an hour ago, without saying a word.

At the end of the day, Kuroroya stopped talking, but dealt with the corpse of Mysteel with a sad face.

He found some small props from Misteel’s body, fixed Misteel’s head and body, and even folded a stone pillar of the ancient city, temporarily polished a pair of sarcophagus, and put the body of Misteel into it.

At this moment, Balegang suddenly moved and walked to the entrance and exit of the barrier.

Kuloloya could feel an invisible and strange force moving beside Bairegang.

This is a trophy obtained from the castle by Balegang in the Great War a hundred years ago. It has always been mysterious. No one has ever known what the function of this trophy is.

“Are you going to go in?” Kuloloya couldn’t help asking in surprise, thinking that Balegang was going to activate this mysterious trophy and explore the ancient city himself.

Balegang shook his head, “No, I just intend to temporarily block this entrance and exit. The method of enchantment operation has always been in the hands of the association. I have no way to close this entrance and exit, so I can only block it. Although you said those dead souls I don’t know 西安夜生活网 what I want, and I don’t choose it, but it’s not a good thing that the entrance and exit are always open.”

“Oh, you should be thoughtful.”

Kurolua nodded, and then hugged the sarcophagus. “It’s still open. I plan to send the body of Mysteel back to the association first, and t