arge number, the official can only Daily maintenance of those important lines, some edge pipelines are often blown up because they have not been maintained for a long time.

In fact, not only Sieg, but the residents of Old Dunling have long been used to these. At first, everyone saw the manhole covers that were collapsed, and The overflowing high-temperature steam will scream again and again, and now it is just like an ordinary life phenomenon, no wonder.

Look down, and then some news about the recent visit of the mission.

The Viking countries a few days ago The envoys of the company 西安夜生活网 also arrived. Those who came here as if they were hundreds of years ago, they were dressed in animal skins and leather, with a long beard, and a mottled hatchet on their waist, which is different from the modern era of Inervig , They bring primitive and wild power. The

black and white picture shows how they looked when they arrived. They are aggressive, and they are more like to attack this land than to 西安夜网论坛 visit.

So far, most of the missions have all arrived. After the old Dunling, they were discussing interests and politics with Queen Victoria, but those were temporarily unavailable in newspapers.

At this time, a small voice sounded, and someone could faintly hear someone’s breath.

Sieg raised his head and looked at the room. The wall at the other end is Lorenzo’s room after that.

Although 新西安夜网 Lorenzo has been a roommate for so long, Sieg has never told Lorenzo that the soundproofing of the room is actually very poor, and Sieg can always be in I heard some strange sounds in my room. For

example, weird conversations, about the dukes, about the down town, about the weird darkness, of course Sigg can only hear the vague content, and he doesn’t know more specifically. , There is also the sound of being 新西安夜网 loaded from time to time, and the unsheathing of the blade.

early Sieg’s fear is not just that he always comes back covered in blood, but Sieg is worried that one day Lorenzo will run away and a group of thugs wil