the moment Mai Rada recognized the power of death.

But he denied it in the next moment.

What is it?

The murderer who destroyed the Greek gods was the ultimate weapon created 西安耍耍网by the master of the Hades to fight against Mount Olympus. The existence of the ultimate weapon would only bring death to the world. If Teacher Purin was the case, I am afraid that this world would have become a new Hades. !

And, when Mai Rada saw him and his companions descended into this world for the first time, he had already met! 西安夜生活第一论坛网

Companion died because of his appearance. Although Mai Rada could not see clearly at the time, he could remember to give Human feeling.

The ordinary teacher, and the man in the black dress of the day, gave a completely different feeling.


Teacher Purin must be because of contact, and then from the body, a trace of power of death, even a trace of power, is enough to make Teacher Purin stronger!

After all, it was created by the master of Hades, let A super weapon that the gods on Olympus are terrified of!

“I have no reason to lie to you.” 西安夜生活网 The teacher pushed away Mai Lada’s hand, he was afraid that he could not control himself. If the power of death leaked to Mai Lada again, it would probably cause him to lose a lot of life or even die.

“No! No! No!” My Rada panicked, “Listen to me! I didn’t mean to destroy it! You don’t 西安桑拿网 have to worry about it! On the contrary, the reason why I came to search for it is to invite it Go back! Only, we can let the Protoss Soth regain the glory of the past!”

“So, in fact, you still want this power, isn’t it?” Teacher Pulin shook his head: “The power of hope can achieve your desire. ”

You don’t understand! You really don’t understand!” Mai Lada said excitedly: “It is a legacy of the Protoss, a power belonging to the Protoss! No matter which side it belongs to in the original battle of the gods, The important thing is now! Now the Protoss of Soth! We are all descendants of the gods, we do not distinguish each other, whether the sky, the sea, or th