Compared with it, his own existence is so small that it 西安夜生活论坛 can’t even be called dust.

And it was in this little dust, but gradually there was a feeling of Ruoyoruowu extending out, toward the depths of the etheric sea.

Ye Qingxuan could sense that the four roads were slowly unfolding in front of him.

Those four roads, long or short, all lead to four different directions, and they represent the four factions that they 新西安夜网 control.

One of them seems like countless stars converge, the stars are moving, illuminating the fog for him, and faintly pointing out the direction of the end. This is the way of music theory of the school of enlightenment.

An ethereal like phantom, if there is nothing, it is the path of the illusion school.

A road stretched from under his feet, spiraling upwards, and countless blurred faces emerged, staring at him, as if full 西安夜生活第一论坛网 of infinite magic, bewitching him to come forward and toward the end.

This is the psychology school.

And the last road, the longest and strongest road, stretched out from him. It leads to the sky, and extends upward firmly, approaching the core of everything inch by inch.

This is the school of forbidden, and it is also the school that Ye Qingxuan currently masters the most.

He can feel it. Just a little bit, just a tiny distance 西安夜生活网 away, his consciousness can enter the core of the etheric sea through the path of musicians, and then project into the etheric realm. Rivet the origin for yourself, resonate in the world, step into the resonance level.

Only one thread away.

But this line is like Tianyuan for a long time.

Ye Qingxuan knew that if he couldn’t bear his own barriers of 西安桑拿网 perception, he would never cross that line of distance.

Because of this, I feel upset.

If there is a way to easily cross the past, will the barrier of knowledge be called the barrier of despair? People who

can cross this barrier with their own strength are only rare among so many musicians in the world. The cost of borrowing the Holy Spirit or depravity is too