rent eyes!

Klein’s scalp felt instantly. Ma, forcibly squeezed a smile, and nodded to the other party, as if it was just normal eye contact.

The internal watcher moved his head slowly, and actually 西安耍耍网 responded.

Then, Klein only felt the surrounding environment pull away, first became blurred, and then settled clearly. At

this moment, he knew that he had passively entered the dream state.

So, while maintaining the image of Dawn Dantes, he instinctively looked around and found that he was still in the Saint-Samuel church, but all the seats were broken or overturned, and they were everywhere. The deputy has been attacked.

The altar in front is full of cracks, crawling with weeds, and accumulated dust, which seems to have been abandoned for a long time.

The withered inner guardian stood beside the collapsed dedication box, watching coldly. Dawn Dantes in a black formal suit.

Seeing Klein looking back, his mouth opened a little bit, revealing sharp, pale, and untidy teeth.

And these teeth are inlaid with vague and vague teeth. Yes, small figures, they have complete facial features and limbs, their expressions are different but they carry similar pain, they seem to be imprisoned here, 新西安夜网it is difficult to escape.

The inner guardian of He makes a beast-like noise from the throat, The back was bent forward.


His ribs, his waist, and his clothes swelled up, and the brushes grew out of four skinless arms full of blood vessels.

Then, they grew dense black hairs. A sharp nail popped out from the top of his finger. In

just two or three seconds, the relatively normal internal guardian had turned into a monster lying on the ground with 西安夜生活论坛 eight legs, which was like weaving a net in the dark. The spider waiting for its prey, like a deformed black wolf, brings strong fear to people.

At the same time, in the broken and ruined altar, two huge palms covered with black hair stretched out without warning, pressing on On the edge, the smooth, condensed tentacles of black energy spread in all directions,