ly: Ernes Boyar. The

Viscount Boyar was in Mis. Under the protection of Earl Traar, he was hypnotized and went to 西安桑拿网 the Harvest Church to volunteer for a long

time ! At this time, Maric glanced at Emlyn’s expression, nodded and said:

Your attitude now makes me more at ease.

Very serious, Very solemn and attentive.

Ah? Emlyn was startled first, then raised his mouth slightly and said:

Thank you.

The second floor of that bookstore is Charlie Lake’s house. The businessman is over 西安耍耍网 50 years old and his parents have long since died. He has never been married. It is said that he has several illegitimate children, but none of them live with him. After

instructing the maid and maid to check whether the doors and windows of the house are locked, he returned to his bedroom, poured a glass of red wine, and sat down On the sofa,

he tasted quite relaxed. He used to drink some wine before going to bed. 新西安夜网

When the red wine bottomed out, Charlie Lake stood up and walked to the bathroom.

He glanced casually when he passed the full-length mirror in the bedroom ,

His body suddenly froze. In the mirror, his face has become extremely pale at some point, his eyes are extremely protruding, bright red blood is left on the edges, and the corners of his mouth are dark red.

As a member of the Rose School, Charlie Lake is no stranger to this situation.

He didn’t scream or run around like ordinary people. He directly raised his right hand and stretched it to his chest. He just touched him . The jewelry I was

holding , the body seemed to have fallen into an ice cave that never melted. From the inside to the outside, it was a gloomy cold. This gloomy cold expanded rapidly, occupying every corner of Charlie Lake’s 西安桑拿网 body. Let him have a feeling that his joints and muscles no longer belong to him, and he is beginning to take orders from others. At

this moment, there seems to be another person in his body, cold and vague, full of malice, and directly taking over everything outside of his thinking.