s. Of course, the so-called full score refers to excellent.

If there is still a mouse’s beard on the box, points will be deducted. Fred also complained about this. There are faint traces of beard on his ashtray, so points are deducted. What 新西安夜网

Albert finds more interesting is the practical examination of potions. The

content of the assessment is that it needs to be tested. within two hours of deployment forgotten potion.

this is actually not a difficult thing, after all, the entire school year through the deployment of agents had a few, but …… standing under close watch behind the deployment may not be easy at Snape.

whenever Snape appeared behind a certain student without warning, and he would add a negative buff to the other student, causing the student’s heartbeat to speed up, his hands and feet flustered, and sometimes there were symptoms such as operational errors

… … the

last exam It is the history of magic. This is a rather boring exam. Albert deliberately read the so-called key points before the exam. There 西安耍耍网was no accident in answering the questions, and it was considered to be a steady pass.

When Professor Bins told them When the quill was put down and the parchment was rolled up, there was a burst of cheers in the classroom. After the

exam, they were finally free and could easily play for a whole week until the exam results were announced.

“Go, I invite you Celebrate with a butterbeer.” Albert greeted his roommate to leave before Katrina came.


“Go to Hogsmeade?” Li Jordan asked in a low voice.

“No, I have already ordered Owl by mail. ”

Owl, do you mean that?” Fred pointed to an owl flying over here, and it threw the clutched package in front of Albert.

“What is this?” Fred wondered. Picking it up, he drew the card on it and handed it to Albert.

“It must be a book.” 西安夜生活网 George said affirmatively.


“Everything in a package of this shape usually contains books.”

“Can you open it?” Fred looked at Albert.

“Open it . ” “Albert glanced at the card, and